A Great Ride on the Shuttle to the Hotel

Just south of the Oklahoma border, River Spirit Casino Resort Tulsa opens for business. It’s been a long time coming for this casino-hotel. Here are some things you should know before planning your vacation in Tulsa.

river spirit casino resort tulsa

Oklahomans love casinos. We are now the number two gambling markets in the nation. To experience all this wonderful gaming activity at River Spirit Casino Resort Tulsa, you need to stay at the hotel. Or else, head out to the hotel property itself and have fun there, or just enjoy the casino itself. Either way, you should see some great gaming action, and it’s not hard to find if you are willing to look.

River Spirit Casino Resort Tulsa is conveniently located just southwest of downtown Tulsa, in the historic downtown area. It’s easy to take a taxi from the hotel to the hotel’s business center, which is part of the casino. From there, you can walk from the casino back to the hotel or take the shuttle. The shuttle leaves the casino to pick up guests directly at the front desk, so you won’t miss it if you don’t want to try to search the shuttle yourself.

Those of you who aren’t fortunate enough to live in the casino area will be able to visit the casino by way of the shuttle to the hotel. This means that if you’re driving to Tulsa from another part of the country, you’ll get to see the casinos, too, and see what everyone is talking about. At the same time, though, you’ll be treated to a ride on the shuttle back to the hotel, so you can get on with your trip. Although you can board the shuttle directly from the casino itself, this isn’t recommended, as it can take a bit of time, and you can always ask the front desk if they can pick you up to the hotel.

The shuttle service from the casino to the hotel will also stop off at the nearby Coors brewery, where you can see all the amazing features of the casino, and see the fine dining that’s available. If you get there early enough, you can try to get a beer on the craft brew. You’ll find a good selection of beer on tap at the casino, and they have bar stools where you can sit down and enjoy your favorite brew. You’ll even find that they have table games and poker available on some days, so you can have some fun at the casino before or after you get on the shuttle.

When you’ve had your fill of the good things on the casino floor, it’s time to relax at the Oklahomans, the casino’s relaxing “deluxe” hotel room. It has both indoor and outdoor living rooms, and all the amenities you might expect from a nicer hotel. You’ll also find a hot tub, mini-bar, a game room, and a laundry service.

River Spirit Casino Resort Tulsa is a great place to visit, and is only a few miles from downtown Tulsa. Take a ride on the shuttle from the casino to the hotel, or from the casino to the casino itself. Enjoy the live entertainment, sit and play your cards, or just lay back and chill out. You’ll see plenty of gambling action and the best dining in the area, so don’t miss this one when you visit Tulsa.

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